Comforting Conversation

Naomi Hudson-Knapp in the studio

I have a routine when I enter the studio - charge my phone, select a podcast, push play and sit down to paint. I love the sound of a radio story, whether it’s the witty Ira Glass on This American Life, the soothing Krista Tippett interviewing a brilliant thinker, the perfectly pitched Terry Gross talking about the latest on Fresh Air or the contemplative Tyler Green on The Modern Art Notes Podcast. It is in the context of rich thought and interesting conversation, that I sink into a type of silence and enter my paintings. They serve as a meditation. As marks are made, I create new and dynamic spaces, traveling across the surface of the paper like it is a landscape that I traverse with my teachers, the voices of radio.

Unexpected Muse

Moldy Lemon

Inspiration can come from anywhere - a favorite book, a friend, an Instagram image, a new context. Today I was walking to my studio and found a lemon that had fallen from the tree in my yard. The lemon had the most beautiful mold patterns on the surface. Each spot and speckle clumped and careened across the lemon skin. I scooped it up and placed it on my drawing table and it served as my muse for the afternoon. If you keep your eyes open, you never know when and where the next beautiful moment will appear.